Why Choose Us?

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We are Chartered

Chartered status is the highest accolade in financial services - the gold standard. It is only achieved by meeting the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and technical qualifications. Not only is our firm Chartered, but six out of our seven of Advisers are Chartered as individuals, with the seventh due to qualify December 2023, attesting to their high level of personal technical knowledge.

We are highly qualified with specialist knowledge

Financial planning can range from very simple to highly complex. Our years of experience means that we can use our established solutions and technical know-how to create flexible, highly  customisable financial plans, creating significant financial benefit.

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Financial Planning that puts you first

At Premier Financial Management our clients are at the heart of everything we do. With our personalised approach, we can get to know you as an individual to plan for the years ahead, to live the life you want and making sure that every rainy day is one we've accounted for.

We are independent

As an independent firm, the advice we give you is objective. We are not restricted to certain investment funds, instead having all UK investment funds open to us. This is key to ensuring our plan caters to your needs.

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We come highly recommended

Our clients are our greatest advocates. Premier Financial Management has grown solely from the recommendations of our clients, meaning we've never had to advertise.

As successful professionals, often in senior management and directorial positions, our company has grown because of referrals from these discerning individuals.

We have been recognised for our oustanding financial service, most recently ranking in the 2021 Financial Times Top 100 UK Advisers.

We have a proven track record

The most emphatic testimony of the confidence our clients have in us is that we have been entrusted us with their money to the tune of approaching £1bn assets under management. Many clients trust us with significant wealth - ranging from £500,000 to £40m, and many of those we have helped to attain this level of wealth. Our assets under management and the Amber River Group leverage can also result in beneficial economies of scale.

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We continue to evolve

We aim to keep things simple and hassle-free for our clients so we are always looking for new ways to improve our service. We also pride ourselves on ongoing professional development, staying up to date with changing market legislation and sharing our solutions, making sure that our clients remain on track to achieve their goals.