Leisure & Lifestyle Focused

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Personal Profile

You are retired, or slowing down your work life. You are increasingly focused on life goals related to non-work activities. Passive income from your investments supports your expenses.

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Challenges and Priorities

You want to ensure maximum tax efficiency, a tax efficient retirement strategy, 'enough' money to meet your desired expenditure for the rest of your life, estate planning, Inheritance Tax and ensuring protections for health and later life care. We can also help with investing an inheritance from your relatives.

There may also be tactical challenges like lifetime allowance, mortgages still to pay off, need for care, possible downsizing or giving your children a helping hand e.g. assisting a property purchase.

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How can we help you?

We can help you understand your options in terms of lifestyle expenses and purchases, all framed within the goal of meeting your needs in retirement. This includes structuring any work income and investments for tax efficiency.

We can assist with estate planning and passing on your wealth tax effectively. Fundamental to this stage of life is careful retirement income strategy to make the most of your money. We can help invest any legacy passed to you and also help you pass on yours, now or down the road to comply with gifting rules and reduce the impact on inheritance tax.