We understand that, having worked hard to build their wealth, many people will want to look at ways of passing their wealth to the next generation without compromising their own financial security


For some people discussing money with family, especially when it relates to inheritance, can be difficult. At your initial meeting we will take time to listen to you and understand your wishes and concerns in relation to this very emotive area of personal finance.

From our discussion with you we will get a clear and agreed picture of your needs, which will help us to consider the most effective way to meet them.



We will implement our agreed strategy, ensuring that you and your beneficiaries benefit from a clear action plan with financial security, reduced inheritance tax and, importantly, peace of mind.


Where possible we will work with other professional advisers to ensure your overall position is reviewed regularly and amended according to any relevant changes in legislation or circumstances.


Estate planning isn't just about passing on money when you die, it's also about enjoying life now and making sure you have enough money to live on and, possibly, pay for your own care.


Our adviser will review your current financial position and assess you future needs before drafting a plan that will provide you with clarity on how to meet all of your long-term financial goals.


We will produce, deliver and explain a strategy that meets your objectives by utilising appropriate and available tax reliefs and allowances, investment structures that offer legitimate beneficial tax treatment, lifetime gifts and  trusts.

We will make any adjustments required as a result of our follow-up discussions with you before obtaining your final agreement to our proposal.