Executives & Entrepreneurs

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Personal Profile

You are a CEO, CXO, MD, Partner or Business owner.

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Challenges and Priorities

Having attained a high level of success in your career, you typically face a series of significant financial challenges and opportunities. You have a high income and are time poor, heavily taxed with tapered pension allowances, possibly a long-term incentive plan or shares in your company.


Your wealth means tax efficiency is key. Your lifestyle is likely built on your career so risk management must be considered as well as inheritance tax, managing your legacy, protecting your family, maximising rewards and investing wisely.

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How can we help you?

Our main role would be as a trusted adviser to deal with these issues and monitor the outcomes on your behalf, minimising time and the administrative burden.

Due to the complexity of your remuneration we have a number of investment solutions with different tax features that can be blended together into a plan.

Distributing your wealth among the various options at our disposal, should result in strong tax efficient long term performance in line with an accepted risk tolerance.

In order to have a joined up approach, where needed, we are happy to work closely with other professionals like accountants and lawyers to help manage your assets.