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Your career is in its prime, although you may be contemplating significant change. You may have a family and a well-established home. Your expenses are high but your income supports that. There is significant discretionary income. Statistics would also indicate that it may be that you are in a second relationship after divorce or separation, maybe you are between employments or need to rebuild your financial independence.

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Challenges and Priorities

With significant expenses, assets that you might like to acquire and retirement on your mind, do you have 'enough' to live your desired retirement lifestyle and how does that sit with your more immediate goals?

You may be thinking of a career change. Given your successes you may want to secure your future and consolidate your finances.

You may have financial issues that you may not be aware of: tapered pension allowances, complex remuneration, many share options, lifetime allowance pension issues and inheritance tax.

Your financial obligations might include school fees or mortage payments.


How can we help you?

We can consolidate your finances, create a financial plan and then scenarios to see what the possibilities are. We can cast this out over the course of your life to begin to set you up for retirement. This would also involve ensuring a tax efficient environment, optimising tax savings and mitigating challenges.


We can also help you remortgage or obtain a second mortgage and secure insurances to protect you and your family.

If you are in  a period of transition in  your life, we can help you reshape your finances and get you on track.