Investing in savings accounts is unlikely to grow your assets in real terms; other types of investment may be necessary to maintain spending power and provide you and your family with capital in the future. 


We will discuss your feelings about risk and volatility of returns, what it means to you, your previous experiences and your capacity for loss.

From these discussions and with the help of a more formal questionnaire we will determine your attitude to risk.


Using the results from your questionnaire and our findings from our discussions as an overlay to your financial objectives, including any timescales, we will determine the level of risk that you would be comfortable in taking with your investments. 

With your attitude to risk in mind we will prepare a personalised strategy designed to meet your goals.



We will implement the portfolio and monitor performance, contacting you if we feel that changes are required because of major events such as a significant change in markets or a fund manager leaving.

At our review meetings we will assess the portfolio to ensure it meets your objectives in terms of risk/reward, income and growth. We will recommend changes to improve the risk/reward profile, reduce costs, provide access to new investment areas or re-balance your portfolio 


Your personalised strategy will include a cost-efficient portfolio of funds, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded funds that suit your tolerance to risk and can achieve long-term rewards that aim to meet your objectives.

Your portfolio will be tailored to minimise taxation by using relevant allowances and exemptions and maximising contributions to tax efficient wrappers.  We will take into account your income requirements, either immediate or in the future.